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Scuba Diving in El Nido, Palawan

El Nido is a popular travel destination not only for its natural beauty but for the incredible array of marine life that can be found just off its shores. While the island of Palawan is frequently included in 'top 10' lists for its beaches, its dive sites are raved about in dive magazines just as … [Read More...]

Learning to Freedive Cover

Learning to Freedive in El Nido

El Nido is a popular tourist spot in the north of Palawan Province in the Philippines. It's best known for its world-class beaches and island hopping tours, but you'd be a fool to miss out on what lurks beneath the surface of its pristine coastal waters.Divers flock to the area in their thousands and … [Read More...]

Boracay New Year's Eve

Spending New Year’s Eve in Boracay

When it comes to New Year's Eve there are two stand out locations to head for in the Philippines. There's a lot happening in Manila, but if you need spectacular beach sunsets too, Boracay is by far your best bet.It's easy to find people to celebrate with, as the bars that line the beach are always packed, … [Read More...]

Underground River

Puerto Princesa Underground River: A Day Tour

Puerto Princesa Underground River, also known as the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, is listed as one of the new seven wonders of nature. It’s located 80 km north of the city centre and is by far the most popular attraction within easy reach of the city. The tranquil nature of the park is … [Read More...]

Apo Island Turtle

Scuba Diving Apo Island from Dumaguete

Not to be confused with Apo Reef - one of the Philippines' most famous dive sites located just off the coast of Mindoro - Apo Island has also made a name for itself as a must-see dive location. Just off the coast of Negros Island, near the city port of Dumaguete, it has an immense diversity of marine life, … [Read More...]